You Know Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin is one of the nine offspring of a Muslim rancher conceived in a residential community called Budhana (never knew about it, right?) in Muzaffarnagar region of Uttar Pradesh. Maybe this is the reason Bollywood thought he resembles an agriculturist. 

"In what manner would someone be able to with such looks become showbiz royalty in an industry fixated on decency?" you inquire.

He began functioning as a scientific expert in a petrochemical organization, yet quit not long after on the grounds that he longed for turning into a performing artist. In no time a short time later he moved to Delhi, where he took up a vocation as a gatekeeper. He additionally joined a theater there, and began viewing plays. 

When Nawazuddin moved on from the National School of Drama in 1996, he was down and out.

He thought, "Bhukha marna hai toh Mumbai mein jaake marun", and moved to the Maximum City. Genuine, he was furnished with a degree from NSD, however… 

if a NSD degree could promise a promising break, Bollywood would have been overflowed with especially gifted performers rather than the idiots that rule it 

He took a stab at getting a part in a few network shows or little parts in motion pictures, however couldn't get any. Nobody saw his ability yet continued dismissing him for his looks. Ability doesn't checks in Bollywood, your looks do. 

Nawazuddin's battle demonstrates that if there is one industry in India where bigotry of shading is wild, it is Bollywood.

Test this: Nawazuddin played a server in his first film, "Shool" (1999); a quintessential criminal of the Mumbai underbelly in his second, "Sarfarosh" (1999); a pickpocketer in his third, 'Munnabhai MBBS' (2003); and a scoundrel in his fourth, 'The Bypass' (2003). 

In his initial four movies, Nawazuddin played characters we consider the lowliest in the general public. He got the parts, enduring just a few moments, in light of the fact that he "appears as though them".

Nawazuddin trusts his looks or identity don't fit the picture of "legend" as comprehended by Bollywood. 

Be that as it may, in spite of his standard identity he was resolved not to surrender. It is this soul of his which has now been recognized and extolled with grants. His years of battle helped him keep his feet on the ground, and he continually keeps up a position of safety in terms of going to occasions or gatherings.