CRB Tech Advanced SEO: How To Keep Ecommerce Site Safe and Secure


CRB Tech provides a number of certification courses, one of which is Advanced SEO course. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about your web page ranking on Google. However along with the ranking of your website you must also work on keeping your e-commerce sites safe and secure. The number of attacks and frauds on e-commerce companies are increasing with the unstoppable web development.
Technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. If used in a right manner there is nothing that can be more useful than it and if misused it may result in disasters. Hackers these days have become smarter and so they don't just attack individuals but try to ruin an entire mass related to a particular webpage or website. E-commerce companies are becoming victims of these fraud hackers these days.
We have got some security measures which will help us prevent e-commerce sites from these kind of security issues.

1. Choose a secure E-commerce platform
Put your e-commerce site on such a platform that uses a sophisticated object oriented programming language. The programming language should be activated by an internal authenticated network panel and should be kept away for public facing servers.

2. Use a secure connection for online checkout
Use strong SSL authentication for web and data protection. It can be a leap of faith for customers to trust that your ecommerce site is safe, particularly when web-based attacks have increased over 30% since last year. So it is very important to use SSL certificates to authenticate the identity of your business and encrypt the data in transit.

3. Don't store sensitive data
There is no reason to store thousands of records of your customers online as it may also include some sensitive and personal data and information. There should be no credit/debit card numbers, expiration dates and CVV numbers saved online until and unless the place of storage is highly secure.

4. Employ an address and card verification
Enable an address verification system and required card verification value for credit and debit card transactions to reduce fraudulent charges. There should be a clear track record, keeping this scenario in mind.

5. Put strong passwords
While it is the responsibility of the retailer to keep the customer information safe on the back end, you can also help customers help themselves by requiring a minimum number of characters and the use of numbers and symbols for their passwords.