CRB TECH SEO Training Course


Search engine optimization(SEO) is based on the simple concept which deals with visibility of website in search engine with unpaid results. This unpaid results are mostly said to be organic traffic or natural traffic. Have you ever given the run for a thought that why certain results are always high in google search and some are pretty low. The main reason is the relevance of the content posted on that website which invites more organic search to visit via google engine. Google being one of the biggest search engine has implemented this algorithm which has given born to one of the market called as digital marketing. CRB tech is one of the biggest institutes for SEO training. We have direct facility of an on job training which will help the students to gain confidence. At CRB we also provide our students with easy job facility. Here are some things which you would like to know about SEO from google in terms of job and what is really taught around in this course.

Indicate page titles by using Title tag : 

A title tag tells each users and search engines what the subject of a selected page is. The <title> tag ought to be placed at intervals the <head> tag of the HTML document (1). Ideally, you ought to produce a unique title for every page on your web site.

Accurately describe the page's content opt for a title that effectively communicates the subject of the page's content.Use brief, however descriptive titles Titles is each short and informative. If the title is just too long, Google can show solely a little of it within the search result.

Make use of the "description" meta tag : 

Google may use them as snippets for your pages.Note that we are saying "might" as a result of Google could prefer to use a relevant section of your page's visible text if it will an honest job of matching up with a user's question. or else, Google may use your web site's description within the Open Directory Project if your site is listed there (learn the way to forestall search engines from displaying ODP data). Adding description meta tags to every of your pages is often an honest apply just in case Google cannot notice an honest choice of text to use within the snipping. The Webmaster Central journal has Associate in Nursing informative post on up snippets with higher description meta tags.

Words within the snipping are bolder after they seem within the user's question. this provides the user clues concerning whether or not the content on the page matches with what he or she is craving for.  is another example, 

this time showing a snipping from an outline meta attach a deeper page (which ideally has its own distinctive description meta tag) containing a piece.